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Enter our world.


Aerial and Acrobatic Acts

We are excited to present some of the best aerial and acrobatic talent from across Australia. We are proud to partnered with Dance Cirque and Avion Entertainment so we can showcase the best emerging Australian talent.

 Tyler Heath (Instructor) and multi award winning Cirque Du Soleil legend with his student CJ of Dance Cirque Australia perform this mesmerising and erotically captivating piece involving a bath, telling the story of two lovers who meet by fate in the middle of the night to explore their desires in the Hotel California.

Burlesque & Dance

We are fortunate to boast incredible connections and contacts throughout the burlesque scene. We are very lucky to have Porcelain Alice (Miss Burlesque Australia) on our roster of entertainers for our touring production shows who brings fire, sass and cheek to our show.

 Porcelain Alice (Miss Burlesque Australia) turns up the heat with her sultry and tantalising, sassy strip and fire routine where she bares all and gets very hot for the audience, leaving a lot to desire. You can look but you cant touch, Miss Alice truly is a sexy dangerous woman.

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