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We blend timeless tradition with the thrill of cutting-edge entertainment!

Step into the dazzling world of Soiree Cabaret Productions, where the stage lights have been gleaming for over a decade! With a collective treasure trove of 80 years in live entertainment, music, theatrical performances, and event magic, we're the maestros behind the curtain of Australia’s most spectacular gatherings.

Born from a legacy of showbiz, Soiree Cabaret Productions is more than just an entertainment powerhouse; it's a celebration factory! Whether it’s corporate glam, commercial zest, special events, or festival flair, we bring an electric mix of tradition and innovation to every occasion.

Dare to dazzle with us? We don’t just put on shows; we craft legendary experiences that keep the champagne popping and the applause thundering. Let’s make your next event not just memorable but legendary—Soiree Cabaret, where every curtain call is a standing ovation!

Soiree Cabaret Productions Australia

Featured Talent

Soiree Cabaret Productions opened the Talent Management division in 2020 for top professional performers. We represent a diverse, elite and versatile group of performing artists for work in Dance, Musical Theatre, Screen, Modelling and contracts globally.

Our Clients

Soiree Cabaret Productions event marketing services team and talent have had the pleasure of entertaining and producing inredible results for corporate clients throughout Australia and the world. Here is just a snapshot of some of our clients:

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